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Since 2014

Our History

Once upon a time, in the bustling town of Bhilai, India, a group of passionate technologists came together to embark on an extraordinary journey. In the year 2014, Divyal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was born with a vision to create innovative and impactful technology solutions.

With humble beginnings, Divyal Technologies set out to make a difference in the world of software development. Led by a team of highly experienced developers in various technologies, the company quickly gained a reputation for excellence and creativity.

Divyal Technologies believed in the power of innovation. By staying at the forefront of technology trends, we ensured success for both themselves and our clients. Our focus on outfitted innovation allowed us to deliver top-quality services at significantly reduced costs, providing a better value proposition for our customers.

Over the years, Divyal Technologies has achieved remarkable milestones. We have successfully delivered over 100 projects, ranging from small-scale endeavors to large-scale endeavors that spanned the globe. From ColdFusion development to custom software solutions, web and mobile app development, server and website development, and even Java application development, we have simplified complex business challenges into powerful technology solutions.

At Divyal Technologies, every challenge is an opportunity, and every client's success is their success. Together, we are on a path to create a future where technology empowers businesses to thrive and excel.

Join Divyal Technologies on our extraordinary journey, and together, let's achieve remarkable milestones.


At the heart of Divyal Technologies mission is a commitment to maintaining winning partnerships with clients. The team understood that technology is not just about lines of code, but about connecting businesses with their customers in meaningful ways. Through our expertise and dedication, we aim to provide clients with the best services they could ever imagine.


As Divyal Technologies continues to evolve, our vision remains unchanged. We aim to reach new milestones and make a lasting impact in the IT industry. Our small-town model has harnessed local talent and built scalable, affordable, and efficient teams, providing clients with a better cost-value proposition.

Our Team

At Divyal Technologies , our team is the driving force behind our success. We have a passionate and highly skilled group of technologists committed to delivering exceptional results. With expertise in development, design, and strategy, our collaborative approach ensures seamless teamwork. We listen, analyze, and strategize to develop customized solutions that align with our clients' goals. By staying at the forefront of industry trends and technologies, we deliver innovative and impactful solutions.

Dedicated Team

We have a team of full-time, scalable team of trusted developers to accomplish all your needs in timely manner.

Dedicated 24\7 Support

We have full flexible developers that support 24/7 hours to solve any live issues. We are full flexible to work on different time zone, you can ask any type of help at any time.

Flexible Contract

Flexible contract with simple monthly billing. We makes rules accroding to need which establish a good relation between the client and us.

Experienced Developers

We have full experienced developers having expert knowledge on various technologies and very cool in nature.

Proper Security

We know the imporatnce of customer data to protect from outside the world ,We offers proper security to client's webiste to protect from Web Security Vulnerabilities.

High Quality Hardware

We use top-notch hardware to develop the most efficient apps for our customers.